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  • If You’re Not Watching This, You’re Missing Out On Greatness!

    By Father-Nashua
    First, Snowpiercer has had 20 hours to expanded their world, and its ability to save it. Trying to stop Mr. Layton from forcing a bunch of frightened ticket holders to share, to become more of a functioning and empathetic society was rough. While the outcome wasn’t certain, by the of season 1, our hero’s future was not certain. Season 2 gave us a look at the difficulty of circling the earth... and let’s just say that by the time of the season 2 finale drops, it leaves you hoping for more and more seasons. (Thankfully Season 3 is already filming. In fact, principle photography is done. Now creating the world will begin. Snowpiercer is much better without commercials, THIS is how it was meant to be seen!
  • Great show!

    By UniMatrix-Zero
    This show has so much potential. Let’s hope the writers can finish the story. Really looking forward to next season.
  • Fantastic!

    By Purity Prydain
    Great followup to the first season. They have truly gone above and beyond the high bar set by Season 1. Sean Bean is just a tremendous addition to the incredible group of actors.
  • Hooked

    By Missy1984$
    Happy I gave this show a try. Totally hooked!
  • Great show

    By Sseth82
    The main actor/character Andre is so corny and that really hurts the show for most... and the other actors because they’re great. They clearly spent money on design, graphics are great too!
  • Excellent show!

    By fulltilted
    Great acting and world building! May second favorite current show behind the Expanse. Drummer is spectacular!